Cristian Dimitrius is a cinematographer, photographer and television presenter specializing in wildlife and natural history. On land or underwater, from ants to whales, Cristian’s innovative cinematography and unorthodox camera techniques are helping to revolutionize the way people see and perceive wildlife. Cristian pushes the boundaries of wildlife filmmaking with his amazing still images and stunning video sequences, made with the most advanced camera technologies available. In addition to several film credits, Cristian has shot and produce for the world’s top television networks including the BBC, National Geographic, Discovery Channel, Globo TV, History Channel and Animal Planet. Cristian Dimitrius’s long-life mission is to inspire people to fall in love with our planet through his images, arousing the desire for knowledge and conservation of the place we all can call home.

Currently, Cristian is also one of the presenters of the segment Domingão Aventura (Big Sunday Adventure) in Globo TV Domingão Faustão Show. His sucessfull stories have been aclamed by the public and critics, for he has been innovating with their cameras ingenious, bringing images never shown on Brasilian television.

GLOBO TV - Cristian Dimitrius presents the segment Domingão Aventura in Domingão Faustão TV show, always bringing new and beautiful images of wildlife on our planet and curious relationships between people and animals. (more)

UNTAMED AMERICAS - 2012 - National Geographic Television- Director of photography (more)

REINO ANIMAL – 2012 - National Geographic Channel- Director of Photography (more)

SECRET BRAZIL - 2012 - National Geographic Channel– Director of Photography (more)

ALCATRAZES - 2012 - Editora Cultura Sub - Photographer (more)

JAGUAR – ONE STRIKE TO KILL -2013- Arte/National Geographic Channel- Director of Photography (more)

WILD BRAZIL – 2014 - Terra Mater/National Geographic Channel – Director of Photography (more)

WILD BRAZIL - 2014 - BBC – Cameraman

URBAN JUNGLE - 2015 - National Geographic Channel - DoP

The Voyage of Time - 2016 - IMAX - UW cameraman

Amazon Adventure - 2016 - IMAX - Wildlife Cameraman

Brazil Untamed: Pantanal - 2017 - Blue Ant Media/Smithsoniam - DoP-Producer

Camera Selvagem 2017 - National Geographic Channel - Presenter

Great Rivers - 2018 - BBC - DoP

Seven Worldss - 2019 - BBC - DoP