Cristian Dimitrius has a great love for nature. Being in a natural environment, recording every detail is what most motivates him and this passion is expressed in every image he create. He has worked with last generation cameras such as, Arri Alexa, Red Epic, Sony and Panasonic broadcast cameras and the new HDSLR. Searching for unique images, he also specialized in micro cameras, remote cameras, POV cameras, motion cameras with cranes and sliders, time-lapses and other advanced techniques of cinematography. Work both above, as beneath the water, being also an expert in underwater sequences made in any marine environment. The goal is to get the image you need. His work as director of photography can be seen in productions made for the largest television networks in the world, including the BBC, National Geographic, Discovery Channel, TV Globo, History Channel and Animal Planet. See some of this work in the video gallery.

After years working as a cameraman for wildlife, Cristian realized there was a need to expand their work to the world of photography. Its mission has always been to make people fall in love for the planet through his images and with still images he could reach a new audience. His photos have been published in several Brazilian nature magazines and many of them have become viral on the Internet. He published a book on the Alcatrazes archipelago and is currently working on three more editorials projects. Works with the latest generation of Canon cameras, with the best lenses, Nauticam underwater housings for underwater shooting and uses several innovative techniques to get the "picture that tells a story." Due to its versatility and adaptation to different natural environments, Cristian has the ideal profile to get a better and more complete result in a shorter time. Check out some of your images in our photo gallery.



Often is not enough to have the best equipment and the best videographer to get the image you need. Without the help of local knowledge, your goal may take a long time to be reached. Sometimes, it can not happen. Over the years traveling, producing his stories to his segment Domingão Adventure and for international productions, Cristian acquired a broad knowledge and a wide network of contacts in Brazil and worldwide, including biologists, researchers, tourism operators, wildlife specialists, lodges, guides and how to access local authorities who control and supervise natural areas. He is an expert in the Pantanal, Amazon and the Brazilian coast. If you plan to shoot in Brazil or in parts of the world where he produced, we can help you. Contact us.


The research is the first step towards the realization of an idea. For having participated in the drafting of several television series and segments, Cristian can also help you in the search for new natural history stories for your project.

We also developed special cameras and equipment to get the specific image you dreamed. To build our gadgets we rely on the advice of engineers, electronics technicians and several creative minds. The only limit is the imagination. Please contact us.


Images bring nature into the home of millions of people. But the reverse process is also important and that is why Cristian spends part of his time taking people into nature. Intrepid explorer, experienced trekking guide and diving instructor with over 3000 dives, he spent part of his formation showing people the beauty of the natural world. During expeditions he leads, or even when he's hired as a guide by international agencies, his focus on the field is to share his knowledge, his passion for nature and enrich the experience of the adventurers. Please check our upcoming expeditions.