Transforming the wildlife and natural environments into art is also part of Cristian Dimitrius work. Now you can have one of his beautiful images in your home, office, business or art gallery. Images are printed with the latest inkjet technology on Canson paper, embedded between two sheets of acrylic cast (face-mounting), ready to be hung on walls, avoiding any kind of frame. Your order can be customized (size, thickness, color and background material) or standard (see table in each image). The optical properties of acrylic and UV resistance, give a result of an almost three-dimensional photography, mounted so that gain depth and a liquid aspect, in addition to being isolated from moisture and ozone, two known risk factors in the longevity of artworks. Choose your image above and bring nature closer to you.


Cick on your favorite image or contact us to inquire about other images of our archive. The entire collection is available to give a special feeling to your environment.


Purchases can be made by E-mail or by phone +55 11 2892-6683..